Veterans' Preference in Employment

Veterans' Preference in Employment

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) will award a preference to employment of veterans of the U.S. Armed Services in accord with provisions of Idaho Code § 65-503 or its successor. In the event of equal qualifications for an available position, a veteran or family member who qualifies for preference pursuant to Idaho Code § 65-503 or its successor will be employed.

If an applicant believes he or she meet the requirements to be deemed eligible for veterans preference under Idaho Code 65-503 (or its successor), they must fill out the Veterans' Preference form linked below, attach a copy of their DD-214, and return it to the CWI Human Resources office before the close date of the position to which they are applying.

The Veteran's Preference in Employment Form can be found here.

A new veteran preference form must be submitted for each position for which the applicant has applied.

An “eligible veteran” includes:
(a) Veterans and disabled veterans as defined in section 56-502, Idaho Code;
(b) A widow or widower of any veteran as long as he or she remains unmarried;
(c) The wife or husband of a service-connected disabled veteran if the veteran cannot qualify for any public employment because of a service-connected disability.

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